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Daily Routine

At 7:30am each morning, we start letting some dogs out into the paddocks for a run around and thoroughly clean each and every kennel and run. Any damp or dirty bedding is replaced. We then prepare the dogs breakfast and any medications required while they are out, so when they return to their kennels, breakfast is waiting.

After breakfast, we then re-clean the kennels as required and after breakfast has had time to go down, the dogs are let back out into the paddocks for free exercise, on rotation so everyone gets their fair turn. Any cleaning requirements are dealt with as required during the day.

After lunch is prepared the dogs are generally walked for a short time before the afternoon play/exercise sessions. Again cleaning of kennels and checking, cleaning or replacing bedding continues during the afternoon.

After 4:30pm the dogs are brought back in to get ready for bed. All kennels are checked and biscuits/treats/dentastix are given.

Final checks are carried out at around 7:30pm to make sure all is well and the dogs are clean, happy and warm.



Small/medium - £22.00
Large              - £23.00
XLarge            - £24.00
All prices include VAT

We are open

We are open for boarding all year round!

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Where to find us

Old Orchard Farm, Boarding Kennels, Bullhorn Lane, Andersea, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 0LU

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